Hidden away in the historical lanes of Tudor Bath is a true gem. Stonewalled, wood-laden and walls lined with whiskey for every taste. Legend tells us this was originally a hoard for thieves, highwaymen, scoundrels and opportunists alike, a place to laugh and cheer, make new contacts and strike deals. A meeting place for every lawless reprobate for miles around, where stories are told and drinks are shared .

For years this hole in the wall was a haven for the outlaws of their day, unruliness was rife and law enforcement was scared to set a foot anywhere near. Steal from the rich and come and spend the bounty here. It was a perfect Hideout.

The Georgians soon brought law and order to this corner of town and swept away this insalubrious past to make way for the classical stone buildings you see today.

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Our story

After years of being buried, being thought lost forever, this Hideout has emerged once more. Men worked tirelessly to bring this legendary keep to the surface once again. The bar has been returned to all its glory and is open for business, with a slightly more modern Bath twist.

For whiskey connoisseurs and casual drinkers both, you will find a world of tastes and flavours. Our superbly knowledgeable barkeeps’ can advise you while you relax in an original and exclusive environment. Come and bask in the history and share a drink with the reprobates of the past.